The sun is shining – time for a revamp!! :-)

It’s definitely a hot one out there! And doesn’t sun seems to make everything look and feel better. So what better time for an overhaul?

My own ‘revamp’ took the form of wearing a smidgen of face powder and actually putting on some mascara this morning.  Oooh, and I wore a necklace too.  (Something I’ve been unable to do since BF was born due to those little grabbing baby/toddler hands.)

But I’m sure you’ll agree that the Contented Calf website’s ( revamp is somewhat more stunning!!  Thanks to Hannah Minney and Jon Harvey and all their hard work, I think the new site is wonderful.  As well as the gorgeous new design, make sure you check out the recipe section, where you can get a sneak peak of five recipes from The Contented Calf Cookbook to tempt your taste buds.  And this brings me to the cookbook itself. I’m very proud to introduce you to The Contented Calf Cookbook: Nourishing Recipes For Breastfeeding Mums.  Inspired by a friend’s quest to improve her milk supply, discovery of lactogenic foods and my own experience of cooking and freezing meals ahead of the birth of my daughter, Jassy Davis and I have created this unique recipe book using lactogenic ingredients.

I am very excited and proud about the launch of the new website and hope to share all our news, updates and offers with you as we develop our product range. Over the coming weeks and months we’ll be sure to keep you updated on what’s in the pipeline! So stay tuned. But for now look around the site, enjoy our blog, become a fan on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

Kind regards,

Elena Cimelli

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