All I want for Christmas……

… some more sleep!

I realise that I said on my first blog post “the lot of a parent is eternal tiredness” and so I shouldn’t moan, but a bit like my slightly irrational hatred of the high chair, I’m developing a bit of an obsession with getting the babe to sleep longer in the mornings, so that I can just claw back just a little bit more sleep myself. I’ve gone from being always tired, to existing in a semi-zombie state much of the time. And I find myself fantasising about having a real, proper lie-in. I know people say that I’ll just wake up super-early anyway. But it doesn’t matter if I wake up at 5 because I CAN GO BACK TO SLEEP. And maybe I could have breakfast in bed? Or watch DVDs all day, dozing on and off. Ooooh…. perhaps one of those student-style lie-ins, when you would get up around 4pm, have some food then head out again, except I wouldn’t go out. I’d just have a bath, a large glass of wine and watch some rubbish on the TV. The babe is booked into the grandparents’ for the weekend over our anniversary, but that’s in March! And medical studies say I need it! 🙂 So I’m doing my best to help reset the babe’s body clock before then.
My 'Lie-In' fantasy

As I’m sure many parents will testify, early morning waking (or EMW as it’s known in the mummyblogosphere) sneaks up on you with great stealth. We used to have to wake the bairn – generally around 7am for us, but sometimes having a sneaky ‘lie-in’ til 7:30. Whilst she was a handful during the day, she was a little super-star at sleeping at night. And then one day you’ll realise that it’s 6:50am when you hear those ‘dulcet’ cries, then 6:30am. Before you know it, it’s nearer 5am that you’re dragging yourself out of bed, shattered, and showerless. The quest for a shower starts to entail setting the alarm earlier and earlier to try to carry out your ablutions while the little one is still in their deep sleep state. While at 10pm at night, we could have full-blown party going on in her room and she wouldn’t wake. After about 5am, the slightest sound and she’s up and ready to go! After dropping the babes at nursery yesterday morning, Spotty Baby’s Mum and I joked that we would soon be getting up at 4:00am to get showered and dressed ahead of the babies’ calls to start the day. Kind of extreme you may think, but in reality I have recently been spending a lot of time creeping round the house in the dark, getting ready, trying to get those extra few minutes of sleep time programmed in to her baby body clock. Time for a shower!

After trying various things to try to help the babe sleep longer (earlier bedtimes, later bedtimes, shorter day-time naps, longer day-time naps), I’ve come to the conclusion that the increased waking could well be caused by hunger. The little lady has always been on the move, and since her first birthday she’s been walking too, plus she does three full days at nursery. She’s going to burn up a lot of energy. And on the days she’s at home she does eat a tremendous load of food.

So I’m now on a mission to make sure she gets all the food she wants and needs. I normally give the bairn half a banana on the way home from nursery, but yesterday it was a whole banana and a toddler-pack of ‘Savoury Bakes’ – minus the one I had and the one that fell on the bus floor. Upping the banana quota on the way home from nursery
We’re also trying to give all the milk after the bath, instead of before or half and half. The babe, as I know every baby does, LOVES milk. So it’s become a bit of a challenge to find new places to hide “the cow juice” (or other such code words we now have to use) during bath-time – last night it was at the back of the nappy drawer, tonight it was under our pillows. And my pockets and handbags have a constant supply of snacks – though the reality actually often ends up being banana skins in my coat pocket, breadstick crumbs in my handbag and raisins falling out of hubby’s laptop bag mid-meeting.

Yesterday morning after a two-stage dinner the night before, plus two yoghurts and a large bottle of milk, 6:35am was wake up time, with a combination of gorgeous chatting and snoozing until I went in at 7am with the babe’s morning milk. It was so much nicer a way to start the day than the heart-breaking sounds of her crying – wonderful. Over the weekend we had wake-ups of 6:40am and 6:45am (we’ll forget the 5:25am blip). Today was 6:30 again, but again with little chatting until 7ish. So with the increased food intake, we’re hopefully getting there, so by Christmas hubby, babe and I will all have got my Christmas wish.

Wish me luck! (Or if you’re reading this Santa, just grant me my wish)

Elena Cimelli

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  1. It is such a blessing that your baby loves milk. Mine hates milk..and he is just 9 months old. The only way I can get him to drink some is at night while he is sleeping 😦

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